As new biologics are being tested and approved faster than ever before, the demand for the development and production of biotherapeutics is at an all-time high. At Sphere Fluidics, we understand the need to create efficient production processes in upstream bioprocessing to fulfill this growing demand.

However, how can scientists working in Cell Line Development develop high yielding, stable cell lines within shortened timeframes while maintaining product quality?

Cyto-Mine® incorporates single cell isolation, analysis and selective screening of high-expressing single cells producing high quantities of target protein from a transfected cell pool, as well as cell imaging and dispensing, all into one automated platform. This platform provides an efficient, robust one-step cloning strategy that easily integrates into cell line development workflows.

Download this case study to learn how a forward-thinking CDMO uses Cyto-Mine® to remove the limitations of traditional approaches and accelerate cell line development by 50%.