Highlights from ELRIG‘s Advances in Cell Based Screening in Drug Discovery 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed attending ELRIG's Advances in Cell Based Screening 2019 conference at AstraZeneca, Gothenburg in Sweden. The conference focused on the latest studies and discoveries in cell-based assays, miniaturized precision medicine phenotypic screening and that are being applied in drug discovery.

Dr Zoe Nilsson gave a spotlight presentation on ‘Harnessing Picodroplet Technology’ in drug discovery. The presentation features a snapshot of how Cyto-Mine® can be used to accelerate the discovery of new targets and streamline the development of cell lines used for the production of antibodies-based therapeutics. 

Spotlight Presentation Features:

  • How harnessing picodroplet technology can address the major challenges in discovery and development
  • Why Cyto-Mine®, Sphere Fluidics’ fully integrated and automated single cell analysis platform, is critical in accelerating the workflow in Antibody Discovery and Cell Line Development


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