Fast track antibody


How can Cyto-Mine® accelerate antibody discovery?

By being able to encapsulate cells in picoliter droplets (picodroplets) and analyse up to 40 million cells in just one day, Cyto-Mine®, provides a gentle, high-throughput method for target-specific antibody discovery.

Within the picodroplets, Cyto-Mine® analyses antibodies produced by single cells for antigen-specificity and then selectively isolates the positive cells and dispenses them into 96- or 384-well microtiter plates for downstream assays.     

This fully integrated workflow offers the deep interrogation of large antibody repertoires providing a solution to accelerate the discovery of antigen-specific antibodies in the discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies.

Download the application note to find out how Cyto-Mine® can:

  • Accurately identify and isolate ‘hit’ cells from a large hybridoma population, using an antigen-specific assay
  • Quantify varying concentrations of antigen-specific antibodies
  • Significantly shortens the Antibody Discovery workflow by using a single fully integrated instrument